Asset Recovery

The best connection for your networking hardware
New Life Hardware specializes in the recovery of your networking equipment.

Older or not state of the art equipment still serves a purpose and can hold a certain value. New Life Hardware will give a competitive quote for your surplus equipment within 24 hours and can arrange for pickup and de-commissioning as well. For larger de-installations, we can even send someone out for a first hand inspection and offer of your equipment.

Selling your not-in-use gear accomplishes many goals. The first is to get some return on the gear, it is a source of income. The second is to free up space in your storage closet or equipment room. Lastly, we take care of it all so you can focus on the operations of your business.

Not only will we remove your equipment but we will make sure that any sensitive or personal information left on your equipment is erased before it is either refurbished or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We also offer an aggressive trade-in program when purchasing equipment.

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