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Rental/Leasing Program
If you would rather lease equipment than purchase it outright, we can discuss this option. In house leasing is available as well as financing through an exterior source with only a small down payment required. The reasoning for this type of program would be if you are staying in a location for a known temporary period of time. This would also allow you to have equipment that is cutting edge without having to fully invest in the newest models and having to worry about it being obsolete. We understand the economics of budgets today and if we can save you money, it is in everyone's interest.

Being Green/Disposal
In today's world, we all know it is easier to just toss something out in the garbage than to take the time to dispose of your equipment in an environmentally friendly way. Let us take the time to make it happen for you. Whether it be through asset recovery or recycling, we can help you dispose of it. Not only can being green provide you a source of income but you can help preserve our environment by taking up less space. Computer components are stripped and sent out to a recycler free of charge and most of the metal casing and other parts are also sent out to a recycling center for reuse.

Warranty Information
We offer a standard 90 Day warranty for all resellers and a full year for end users. Longer warranty programs are available as well through us or the manufacturer. We understand that even after the strictest testing, equipment can fail. In the rare case that this does happen, we will provide a replacement immediately and take the defective unit back with no questions asked during the warranty period. Rest assured however, that all refurbished equipment goes through a strict testing process to make sure it is as good as new when it hits your equipment rack.

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